Online Forms

Listed on this page are forms that will need to be filled in and filed with us to complete a cremation for your loved one.Click the links below to begin.Many of our forms are online and submit directly to us.Our Cremation Authorization form can be downloaded or emailed to you as a Docusign document for esignature.

- Biographical Information Form

   This page should be filled out in advance if possible.  On it you will furnish information that is not readily available to us or the next of kin, but  that we will need in order to complete and file the death certificate. 

- Cremation Authorization Form (PDF)

   This is the document that legally authorizes us to perform the cremation.  This can be signed by you in advance or it can be signed by the next of kin(s) at the time of need.  Getting all the required signatures may delay the cremation.  We do require a copy of a picture ID of the individual(s) signing.  When using this form in a preneed capacity, it must also contain two witness signatures and in certain instances be notarized.  You may download this form if you would like, or we can email this form as a Docusign document requiring an e-signature.

- Obituary Worksheet Form

   This form is optional and is designed to help you with the information we need for obituary placement. You may write an obituary yourself, or if you provide the information on this worksheet, we will be happy to write the obituary for you. Obituary placement in newspapers is the cost the newspaper charges, but we can post your obituary on our website for free.  All obituaries on our website also link to our Facebook page.

- Next of Kin Worksheet

   This form will help us determine if the paperwork has been signed by the proper person(s).  It will also assist in confirming family members and their relation to you for cremation and obituary purposes.  Please include addresses and phone numbers, if available.  If completing this form for preneed purposes, review it periodically and update as necessary.  We will confirm the information with the family at the time of need.