Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

We would like to thank you for your interest in Cape Fear Crematory.  We hope that you are reviewing this information at a time when you are healthy and considering future options.  Our sympathy goes out to you if this is a situation where the death of a loved one is at hand.  With consumers becoming more aware of their options and more ecological and cost conscious, cremation is becoming more popular as a means of final disposition.                                                                              

We are fully licensed by the State and have been established in Eastern North Carolina for over thirty-six years.  We offer our cremation services to you in the effort to give you and economical alternative to traditional funeral home services. 

  • General Price List

    General Price List

    We believe that families should not have to spend a lot in order to get the very best in funeral service today. Cape Fear Crematory offers the solution to simplify the funeral buying process while offering Quality Service with Affordable Pricing.

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  • Online Forms

    Online Forms

    Listed on this page are forms that will need to be filled in and filed with us to complete a cremation for your loved one. These forms are designed to be completed as fill-in-forms to be filled out in the comfort of your home when you are ready. Our cremation authorization form can be sent as a Docusign document for e-signature.

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  • Merchandise


    Cape Fear Crematory, Inc. is proud to offer our families the finest in cremation and burial products. We invite you to review our selection in the comfort of your own home.  Simply call and your loved one's cremated remains will be delivered to you in the Urn of your choosing.

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