Cremation Services & Prices

Our price of $1695.00 for a direct cremation includes the following: The removal and transport of the body from the place of death within 60 miles of Fayetteville.  (An additional fee of $2.95 per mile will be added if over the 60 mile radius.)  We will file all necessary paperwork including the death certificate and notifying social security.  We will also assist you with obituary placement.  We will perform the cremation and place the cremated remains in a black plastic urn. The authorized agent will need to make arrangements to pick up the remains from the crematory.  The fee for our basic services is already included in our charges for direct cremations.We also offer our services for your preplanning needs.  Preplanning with us locks in the price of your services even if we increase our price in the future, gives you peace of mind, and allows your family to grieve without making hasty decisions at a very difficult time.  We offer this service if you would like to pay in full or if you would like to take advantage of our monthly payment plan (for pre-planning services only) of $500.00 down and monthly payments of whatever you can afford. There is a $20.00 fee to the North Carolina Board of Funeral Services for all preneed plans.

Possible additional costs:

  • Death certificates are available at the cost of $10.00 each for deaths occurring in North Carolina. This is the cost charged by the Register of Deeds.
  • Our services also offer the free writing of an obituary which we will do with information provided by the family and will include the obituary on our website free of charge.  We will be happy to submit the obituary to any paper you would like; however, obituary charges vary per newspaper and are passed on to the family.
  • We also provide a temporary urn with the cremation.  If you would like to purchase an urn other than the urn provided with the cremation or any other merchandise, then the cost is in addition to our all inclusive price.
  • Shipping of cremated remains.If picking up the cremated remains from the crematory is not an option, we offer priority express mailing to the authorized agent. The cost for mailing is $75.00.
  • Private family viewings may be offered and arranged by appointment only. The cost for preparation and viewing ranges from $200.00-400.00. 
  • Payments and donations can be made directly on our website.